Watch The Weeknd Guest Star on ‘The Simpsons’ Episode Parodying Supreme

The 32-year-old show keeps pulling out pop culture references in its new episodes. Including Supreme and The Weeknd, who appeared in “Bart the Cool Kid”, episode 15 of season 33, which aired on 20 March. The episode is a clear parody of streetwear culture. 

The Weeknd has just fulfilled his dream of voicing a Simpsons character. Abel Tesfaye is not completely new to this; he has previously appeared in Robot Chicken and American Dad. But The Simpsons is still the holy grail for celebrities who want to get out there no matter what.

Instead of making a quick cameo, as many celebrity guests do on The Simpsons, the Weeknd played a completely new character in episode 15. Abel took on the role of Orion Hughes, the young owner of a skate/streetwear line that is entirely based on Supreme.

To briefly recap the episode, Bart meets the coolest brand on Fairfax Avenue, Slipreme (a parody of Supreme). The TikTok-obsessed Springfielders crave his T-shirts and trainers with the orange box logo that Bart begs Homer to buy for him.


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